Link Roundup – August 30th to September 5th

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From Editorial Anonymous: Series Potential? Seriously?
Have I linked anything from Editorial Anonymous yet? This is one of three publishing industry blogs that I follow religiously. This post talks about querying for a series of children’s books and why it’s not a good idea.

From io9: Tor Editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden On the Future of SF Books
Interview covers electronic publishing, online serialization, and the future of reading formats.

From Salon’s Broadsheet: Is it ever OK to tar your kid in print?
Battle brewing between author Julie Myerson and her portrayal of her son as an alleged drug addict. Article examines the repercussions to the son and the morality of writing about your children in a way that portrays them in a negative light.

From Ten Great Ways to Crush Creativity
Tongue in cheek look at how a corporate leaders’ behaviour can impact and destroy innovation and creativity in their department or organization.

Pictures of Neil Gaiman’s personal library
I saw this linked on John Scalzi’s blog. It’s a bibliophiles dream room.

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